Sunday, 13 March 2011

The office

I started a new job last week. It's in an office in the city, next to a strip club and across the road from another strip club. My office provides administrative support and instant coffee-making facilities for the strip clubs. (Not really. We don't have a kettle.)

Having worked in retail since I was purchased by Franklins Big Fresh in 1994, adjusting to working in an office has been interesting. One thing about retail is that you have a lot of contact with the general public, which has its obvious drawbacks, but does give you something to talk about and club together over. Although in my office we are constantly on the phone to various people, it's not quite the same, and in some ways I miss the random human contact retail provides. But then I think about all the things I hated about retail - including the random human contact - and that feeling soon fades.

So, the new job is not too bad, as jobs go. Different. Challenging. Next to a strip club. I'm sure I'll come to loathe it in time, but for now it's too new and scary to inspire anything as comfortable as loathing.

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TimT said...

Yeah, I learnt that from Twitter stalking. It’s a strange, slightly incestuous little word that we office drones live. Odd factoid: all my working life – okay, I’m a lazy slob, so this doesn’t even come up to a decade yet – I have never yet worked in an office with a water cooler, but I still make jokes about office staff gathering around that mysterious totemic object.

Congratulations and all that. It sounds like it’s in Melbourne West – do you get off at Flagstaff Station? I love that place, for no particular reason.