Sunday, 12 September 2010


I have started a Tumblr for photos, quotations and so on. I will continue posting more substantial (snort) stuff at the present blog when the mood strikes.

My, there are a lot of naked people on Tumblr.

Update 26/9: Yeah, so I got bored with this after about 48 hours. As you were.


genevieve said...

also a much freer attitude towards stealing people's fotos...!Typepad's little blogging bookmarky thing is very selective about what it will copy.

Tim said...

Yeah it's a total free-for-all. I'm ambivalent about the experience so far. It seems like this stream of interesting, often beautiful things, none of which actually stick in the mind or affect one's thinking. Tumblrs usually have a curiously sterile, airless quality. I don't feel like the experience has any dynamics, it's just a constant hum of pretty pictures and curiosity. A million curatorial monkeys.

On the plus side: naked people and stealing photos!