Thursday, 23 September 2010

Spring break!

I have the next five days off, including Grand Final day, which is the first Grand Final day I will have spent not working since I was fourteen or fifteen. Not that I'm going to actually watch the Grand Final, but still.

What else is happening? I got a new computer - a Macbook Pro - which is marvelous. My trusty, reliable-despite-Windows'-vagaries six-year-old PC has been turfed into the car hole, there to spend its retirement nattering with spiders and knitting itself a nice mouse cover. The new Mac is hypnotic in its speed and class and brightness and I have been glued to it for the past fortnight. In the long term I can see it being invaluable as a writing tool but for the moment I'm too busy watching youtube and swearing at iTunes to write much.

I haven't been reading Franzen or any of the Booker books, although I have ordered the Tom McCarthy. I still have my Metronome edition of McCarthy's first novel, Remainder, although sadly it is a bit creased from having been passed around among my friends. A shame because there is a (signed) "near fine" Metronome edition listed on Abebooks for $1000+. Anyway, at least I get to be a pretentious knob and say I knew of him way back when.

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