Friday, 20 August 2010

Watered down

TimT has alerted me to the bizarre fact that if you have a "blogspot"-hosted blog you probably have a creepy eschatological Christian "blogpot" mirror. For example.

Speaking of the end times, tomorrow is election day. I'm not going to editorialise other than to say that on tv tonight I saw Abbott in a bar ordering "a shandy of light with about sixty percent lemonade."


genevieve said...

I say, old mate, could you please sort out my comment as I have foolishly put my email address out there for the whole blogpot world to see.

*lopear* just telling you because it is cute

Tim said...

Have deleted your original comment because apparently you can't edit comments through blogger.

TimT said...

Should have mentioned before - I got it from the Baron. Was told today that blogpsot sites lead to the same place.

Saving souls, one blogpot at a time.

genevieve said...

The Potter's Field, yess, yess.
I'm sorry, I forgot about the no deleting thing. Thanks for fixing it up.