Sunday, 30 May 2010

Things I learned at last night's Autechre gig

* Supporting DJs are ok up to a point, but wear out their welcome after 1.5+ hours, especially when you're not drunk, stoned or even mildly sugar high.

* You can dance to Autechre, or at least you can dance in the same room as Autechre.

* The Autechre audience contains persons who are among the most obnoxious I have encountered in sixteen years of attending gigs.

* People will take mobile phone photos of the stage even when the lighting consists of nothing more than four LEDs and the luminous Apple logos on the band's laptops.

* The seduction of scruffy hipster by youthful Goth is conducted via an intricate ritual of rhythmic pouting, covert crotch fondling and (on the hipster's part) confused and intimidated scowling.

* Kram from Spiderbait is everywhere.

* Pack the Hi Fi Bar with (mostly) male (mostly) nerds and it resembles nothing so much as a minimum security prison for hackers and minor sex offenders.

* Autechre pretty much rule. I already knew that, though.


Anonymous said...

oh dear, it sounds just like the sydney show, which on top of all that had really appalling acoustics. I still feel violated by being at such close proximity with such a bunch of vile fuckwits. LOVE LOVE LOVE Autchre, really sad about the crowd they attract. There were heaps of wonderful people there too but they were smothered by the uber geeks and their "fun is uncool" attitudes...oh, and we had 4hrs of support dj's, Rob Hall (?) was pretty great but the dude who played for 2 hours before him sucked hard...really, a complete downer on what deserved so much better that what the promoters gave it.

Mike said...

What I saw of the first DJ at Sydney was a bore. Rob Hall's set was good but definitely not well received by the drunk fuckwits near me. I think they may have felt a little threatened by any suggestion of a connection between Autechre and "house music".

Ben said...

Agreed. I left the Hi Fi show early because the crowd was giving me the irrits.

The whole thing felt like I'd walked into some underground cavern of undead drum'n'bass/IDM doodz. All of them dressed in cargo pants, large black hoodies and baseball caps. And all hitting me with their fucking backpacks.

It reminded me why I don't see electronic music in this town.

Because of all that, I just couldn't settle into Autechre at all. And so felt like the $60 was a waste...