Tuesday, 20 April 2010

20 to 1

Tonight on 20 to 1 they were counting down the twenty best mass murders of television show casts. The clips of the mass murders were introduced by Bert Newton and there were a lot of funny reaction shots by the various celebrity commentators. You could tell some of them were there because it was part of their contract with the network, but others were there to build their profile and maybe get a job on Postcards or something and they really gave it their all. Sometimes the celebrity commentators combined their reactions with witty put-downs about the murdered television show casts, but I can't remember any of them. Anyway, the best mass murders of television show casts as voted by the producers of 20 to 1 were:

20. The hanging, drawing and quartering of the cast of The Partridge Family.
19. The immersion in near-freezing cold water of the cast of The Scarecrow and Mrs King.
18. The dynamiting of the cast of Friends.
17. The electrocution of the cast of Survivor: Pearl Islands.
16. The decapitation of the cast of Police Rescue.
15. The trampling by buffalo of the cast of Steptoe and Son.
14. The garroting of the cast of Hey Hey, It's Saturday.
13. The poisoning with arsenic of the cast of The Six Million Dollar Man.
12. The asphyxiation of the cast of The Footy Show.
11. The running over with a monster truck of the cast of Patrol Boat.
10. The drowning of the cast of Gilligan's Island.
9. The strangulation by pythons of the cast of Matlock.
8. The consumption by rabid rats of the cast of Battlestar Galactica (original series).
7. The mass suicide of the cast of Rafferty's Rules.
6. The ritual disembowelment of the cast of Double Dare.
5. The burying alive of the cast of Macgyver.
4. The running over with an eighteen wheel truck of the cast of Bewitched.
3. The firebombing of the cast of Perfect Strangers.
2. The throwing to the lions of the cast of Seventh Heaven.

Then Bert put on a solemn voice and announced the very best mass murder of a television show cast: the mass murder of the cast of 20 to 1. A montage was shown of men in HAZCHEM suits throwing deadly acid over the unsuspecting celebrity commentators.

There were a lot of funny reaction shots.

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