Monday, 1 March 2010


In anticipation of having less reading time this year, I am purging my rss reader of: personal blogs run by people I don't know in person or via twitter or other online association; book world chat/gossip sites, specifically anything focusing on "the future of publishing" or other publishing/media comings and goings; political blogs; photo blogs where each photo is a variation on a theme, eg. hats, not that I actually follow a blog dedicated to photos of hats, that's just a non-incriminating example; cooking blogs; blogs that I can't remember subscribing to in the first place; sundry other blogs and self-facilitating media nodes that I could really live without.

There are of course many exceptions in each category.

I promise I am not unsubscribing from your blog.

1 comment:

Jeremy said...

I haven't the heart to do the same; I just read them all in splurges.