Sunday, 28 March 2010


Reading: Boyhood, J.M. Coetzee; Little Hands Clapping, Dan Rhodes

Listening: System of a Down; Scuba; Joy Division; Dillinger Escape Plan; Kylesa; Belbury Poly; Mission of Burma; Jaga Jazzist; Autechre; Mordant Music

Watching: I'm Alan Partridge S2; Alice in Wonderland (2010); Une femme est une femme (1961); The Tale of Desperaux (2008); Finding Nemo (2003)


Justin said...

Cool blog. It's funny, I was just looking for articles on my friend on google (he has a CD called "This Machine Kills Purists") and I came upon your page. You should check out my friend's music, maybe you'll like it.

Tim said...

Hi Justin, thanks for commenting. I was wondering if I would hear from any friends/fans of Joe Crow Ryan. I thought I was being ever-so-witty when I named this blog, but then a Google search revealed Joe's album had come out a few months previous. Call it a coincidence. I'll definitely have a listen to Joe's music now: I'm bound to like it, great minds and all that...