Sunday, 7 February 2010


This week's stuff.

Listening: Talking Heads; Lindstrøm & Christabelle; Arthur Russell; Mission of Burma; Astronautalis.

Reading: Germinal, which I have now finished; The Pregnant Widow, Martin Amis.

Watching: Episodes of Venture Bros. S01 and 30 Rock S03; the rest of The Thick of It S02 (three episodes to a series? That's minimalist, even by the standards of British comedy); In the Loop. Three words: lubricated horse's cock.


TimT said...

I've got Ovid's Fasti on the go. Not in the original Latin, thank heavens.

No idea if it's possible to comment on your twitter, but it's exceptionally entertaining.

Tim said...


I've read a fair bit of Ovid's Metamorphoses, in A.D. Melville's translation. Great stuff, which inspired this post on Sterne, albeit not in verse.