Thursday, 4 February 2010

Coming up this week on the Guardian Books Blog

* Defensive geek argues that some genre or other is being neglected by the mainstream, which basically means the Booker Prize.

* Five other posts focusing on aspects of the Booker Prize in which our affected cynicism fails to mask our jejune enthrallment.

* Our correspondent read this old book that's meant to be a classic but she reckons it's not.

* Flash fiction: turns out it's not fiction about The Flash. But is it the future?!

* What books do you like to read while paragliding?

* James Joyce was a four-eyed fart-sniffing tosser who couldn't write a Twilight book if he tried, which he didn't. Discuss.

* Isn't it time this antiquated author from a bygone era was rebranded as "relevant" and published in new editions with nice covers and enticing blurbs from contemporary favourites such as Ian McEwan or Nick Hornby? Isn't it?

* Robert McCrum has an opinion on whatever.

* Martin Amis: smelly old loser or ugly talentless wanker or pompous ugly untalented loserish stinkman?

* Plus: our weekly "controversial" link-bait. This week, Lloyd Newman argues that black poets have natural rhythm and enormous penises. Join the inane discussion!


Mel said...

Jesus Christ Tim, thanks for ruining all my awesome Enthusiast book story ideas.


damiengwalter said...

Good to know my message is getting out there and that you are paying attention.