Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Warrnambool: A Photo Essay

We spent a few nights in Warrnambool earlier this week. While there I took some photos.

Flesh Fence was in the process of closing down, possibly as a result of confusion as to what kind of wares it actually sold. (Hint: not flesh; not fences.)

The winner of Warrnambool's Most Anachronistic Shop Name 2001-2009.

This spectral bride was glimpsed haunting the window of the RSPCA op shop. Significantly there was no sign of a groom.

Humour plays a vital role in Warrnambool's day to day life.

This abandoned Martian tripod dominates the town. Some say it contains the decaying corpses of interstellar travelers. Others claim it is full of trousers.

Further evidence of an extraterrestrial presence.

All those surf-loving cats will have to find somewhere else to hang ten.

Not here though. Here is foul.

A great place to take the kids/cats/Steve Irwin.

I don't know what these domes are for. Probably something to do with keeping 19th C Russians at bay.

There were at least fifty billion snails on this fence. It is an image that will remain with me forever.


Mark Lawrence said...

Nice, if droll.

Thankfully, the snail image will not stay with me forever.

BTW, didn't u see any whales? Or the seaman's chapel? Aren't they what the town is famous for?

Tim said...

We saw the whales but I didn't get any photos of them. The snails on the other hand...

TimT said...

I recently took a trip to the country with parents and brother, and my brother and mother got sick almost straight away. Stay away from the country, it kills!

Anonymous said...

I live in Warrnambool, those domes actually used to be an aquariam and that 'alien tripod' is Fletcher Jones ball, that was full of water incase of a huge fire, its not any more.

Anonymous said...

Oh, also its not really country its more of a small town, and its also famous for flagstaff hill, cannon hill, the RSL and the war memorial

Tim said...

Anon, thanks for solving the mystery of the domes. The "alien tripod" thing was a feeble attempt at humour, as was the rest of the post. We had a fantastic time in Warrnambool and will certainly visit again.